Our Mission

U C Rhythm N Art

Our purpose is to touch young lives through the creative vision of art, sharing our passion and love for visual and cultural art forms. Bringing and sharing that information with the youth that it might encourage them to dream beyond their current surroundings to encompass a global view.

Also, providing open gallery and studio space for college students studying the arts to showcase their work, inspiring middle and senior high school students to pursue their professional practice in the arts. The students can share their experiences with one another as their work toward success.   

We envision a warehouse or school building with surrounding land for labyrinth fountains. Art gardens, walking path, parking across from ample space on looking small businesses in culinary, onsite or same side as parking lot.

Our Vision:

What influence does art have on mankind culture? The inclusiveness of tradition that tie us all together like an umbilical cord. An explosion of creativity; collaborative diversity artist hold a unique position to reach the masses, to make an impact on a social economic, social positions of people and in these two major ways change culture and the way we interact with one another in a global society. A collaboration and connection at an early age should yield greater outcomes. All of the many cultures sharing themselves through the arts visual theater, movement with high expectation in the exchange of globalization that enriches the lives of people socially and economically.