The Artist

Mary K Thomas is a sculptor, painter, and works mixed media. She received a BA in Studio Art from Ursuline College in 2013. Rhythmic flow is the connection an individual can feel with the art they create,  stretching the bonds of our imaginations. Each one of us has the capability to express ourselves through visual art if only given the opportunity.

“Art has always been a part of my life, with my great grand-mother and grandmother giving me the greatest inspiration in the arts. Studying ceramics at the Karamu House, gave me my introduction to clay as a child. My faith in God and my passion for art is what compelled me to step out and return to school to complete my education in the visual arts. This has been a healing and restorative journey for me after I survived a stroke and ruptured brain aneurysm. I knew that my art could renew me, with the strength of an eagle. Studying art helped me to develop the gift that God has given me, and to refine my skills in the pursuance of my passion. Art for me is the most powerfully therapeutic tool I could have used for my recovery. I am inspired by aesthetics of art for art sake and the love of creativity. ”

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