“Play in Clay” Ceramic

LetsPlayInClay A fun and exciting introduction to ceramics. Sculpting a piece of art work that can be functional as well as beautiful. There are endless possibilities in this 2 and 3-dimensional media combining with found objects as well. Touching on some the basics of sculpting, drying, firing and the glazing processes.

The use of related tools and materials. Sculpting taking your design idea and forming the clay into your creation. Recognizing Different stages of the clay from green, moist, leather hard, to cored. Tools, techniques and methods to achieving an effective color scheme and surface design.

Drying-Clay cores for about 10 days to 2 weeks, then into the kiln at (cone 5 for 3 .5 hrs.) for the bisque firing. Glazing -Use of glazes as a decorative and utilitarian medium. Then the second firing to your finish piece.

Wearable Art:

  • Working with polymer clay compound pressing and forming for designs
  • Baking at 275′ for 12 minutes for clean up
  • Estimated time is 1 hour for project and 15 minutes for clean up
  • Pick up finished projects in 24 hours


  • Starting with 2 large marble sized and 2 blue berry sized pieces of poly clay (Sculpey)
  • Roll into ball and then flatten some about a 1/3 of an inch thick
  • Using shoe sole or other press tools to transfer images into clay disc flattening a little more (exchanging shoes can add to the fun)
  • Roll small pieces into a ball
  • Pierce disc at one end and balls with drinking straw to create openings for cord, (with small pieces make sure holes are large enough to fit 2 strands of cord through)
  • Bake pieces on foil in oven for 12 minutes at 275′, let cool 10 minutes then paint and let dry
  • Lacquer to protect color let dry 24 hours,
  • Thread and wear and enjoy wearable art

Budget for 12 students

  • Sculpey poly clay … 15.00
  • Acrylic paint … 6.00
  • Glazes …2.00
  • Cord … 6.00

Total: $29.00