Out of School Time Enrichment Art:

  • Play in Clay (Ceramics)
    • Customized hand building ceramic art programs can be created for your specific child/groups needs.
  • Summertime Art Enrichment
    • Art throughout the years, has uniquely expressed or communicated the values and traditions of a culture. The intricacies of a culture is revealed through painting, music, dance and sculpture in ways that cannot always be communicated verbally. Art reveals the hear and deepest beliefs of a culture through the artist who created it.
    • It offers children art and cultural summertime activities that encompasses visual, music, culinary, creative edible art, and design art that gives the children an atmosphere in which they can tap into their artistic creativity. Click here for more info.
  • Lunch Time Art Enrichment
    • It is a great alternative recess activity. It was inspired by all the wonderful children I have had the pleasure of being a part their lives…
      • Sunny days on the playground with children laughing and playing chasing balls, jumping roe, on the swings, down the slide, up the stairs, across the bridge hand over hand to jump down to that perfect landing.
      • Paints, pencils, crayons or pastels burst onto the paper from the creative imagination of children and you can envision the future.
    • Programs are individually designed to meet each group’s needs. Art materials such as paints/brushes, pencils, crayons and pastels with paper will be supplied.
    • Accommodating approximately 25-50 students in a 2-3 hour lunch period $130
    • Children are encouraged to create a sketch book/journal.
    • The possibilities are endless!