Sip N Paint

  • Painting using acrylic paints this 2-dimensional introduction to painting on canvas.
  • Acrylic paint offers endless possibilities of self-expression in a vast variety of brilliant colors.
  • Tips and techniques in the use of this versatile paint medium that you can use to create artwork of brilliant color in abstract or photorealism.
  • Sometimes it can mimic oil paint without the toxicity factor.
  • Sometimes mimicking water colors by adding water.
  • The fast speed in which it dries can sometimes posse a problem when mixing or bending colors.
  • Art study in 2 dimensions fun design experiences the use of mediums pencils, markers, charcoal and ink also.
  • Found Objects and Mixed Media on canvas
    2 & 3-dimensional media including drawing, painting, printing and found objects (things just laying around the house) to heighten the creative art experience allowing art design freedom to flow.